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Housing Association in Woodlesford, West Yorkshire

If you don´t know where to turn for your next accommodation or want some help with moving into property you´ll need to speak to the housing associations in Woodlesford. Offering accommodation for a range of people including the over 55s and those on benefits, housing associations can offer loads of information too. Use the Cityvisitor guide to Woodlesford to find the most suitable housing associations offering Accommodation, Landlords, Social Housing, Social Services, Trusts. Let the Woodlesford Cityvisitor directory for Housing Association point you in the right direction for Housing Association in Woodlesford and help you to find the best Woodlesford businesses to suit your needs. Whatever Woodlesford establishment you're looking for, let Cityvisitor be your Housing Association guide.

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York Housing Association Ltd

30 Pasture View Road, Leeds, LS26 0XE 0113 2826608

Primrose House Sheltered Housing

21 Church Close, Leeds, LS26 8QJ 0113 2863959

Accent Foundation

Astura Court, Potternewton Mount, Leeds, LS7 2DL 0113 2623599

St Cyprians Gardens

1 St Cyprians Gardens, Leeds, LS9 6AW 0113 2482962

Five Oaks Housing Scheme

Five Oaks, Ben Rhydding Drive, Ilkley, LS29 8BD 01943 603013

Aire Valley Homes Leeds

Navigation House, 8 George Mann Road, Leeds, LS10 1DJ 0800 9156660

Hatc Ltd

7 Moorfield Road, Ilkley, LS29 8BL 01943 604259

Reginald Terrace Sheltered Housing

Warden, 33 Reginald Terrace, Leeds, LS7 3EZ 0113 2623922

Leeds & Yorkshire Housing Association

2 Shire Oak Road, Leeds, LS6 2TN 0113 2783335

Northern Counties Housing Association Ltd

6 Victoria Court, Bank Square, Leeds, LS27 9SE 0113 2203000

Headingley Court

North Grange Road, Leeds, LS6 2QU 0113 2784506


Maple Court, Leeds, LS11 8RS 0113 2700517

Opal One

1 Burley Road, Leeds, LS3 1JZ 0113 2434030

Wayland Croft Sheltered Housing

Wayland Croft, Leeds, LS16 8LA 0113 2679905


Henry Barran Centre, Amberton Grove, Leeds, LS8 3JR 0113 2731493

Naburn Court Sheltered Housing

Warden, Naburn Court, Leeds, LS14 2ES 0113 2733700

St Matthias Court Sheltered Housing

St Matthias Court, Leeds, LS4 2EE 0113 2789117

St Annes Shelter & Housing Action

6 St Marks Avenue, Leeds, LS2 9BN 0113 2435151

Harrison Potter Trust Almshouses

Harrison Potter Trust Homes, Lovell Park Road, Leeds, LS2 8DA 0113 2452796

Wolseley Road Sheltered Housing

Wolseley Road, Leeds, LS4 2ED 0113 2757013

Louis Le Prince Court

Baywater Place, Leeds, LS8 5LX 0113 2405309

Angel Heights Development Ltd

149-151 Harehills Road, Leeds, LS8 5BW 0113 2402200

Valley Lodge

Greendown Close, Ilkley, LS29 8NQ 01943 607659

Abbeyfield Bradford

School Street, Pudsey, LS28 8PJ 0113 2559970

Leeds Street Outreach Team

6 Blenheim Terrace, Leeds, LS2 9HZ 0113 2459445

Mary Morris International Residents Ltd

24 Shire Oak Road, Leeds, LS6 2DE 0113 2752315

Kate Hargreave Almshouses

91-93 Kirkstall Lane, Leeds, LS5 3JZ 01274 381606

Tranquility Court

Tranquility Avenue, Leeds, LS15 8QX 0113 2606948

Mary Sunley House

Banstead Street West, Leeds, LS8 5RU 0113 2484118

Leeds Jewish Housing Association Ltd

Cranmer Gardens, Leeds, LS17 5LA 0113 2370814

Leeds Federated Housing Association Ltd

35 Easterly Road, Leeds, LS8 2TN 0113 2350944


Knighthouse, 2 Sandbeck Court, Wetherby, LS22 7BA 01937 588497

Hanover Housing

Hanover Gardens, Ilkley, LS29 7NX 01943 862544

Railway Housing Association

Clayden House, Sayers Close, Leeds, LS5 3LE 0113 2744557

Leeds Jewish Housing

Bentcliffe Court, Bentcliffe Avenue, Leeds, LS17 6QJ 0113 2667273

Connect Housing Association

Flat 1- 36 Hawthorn Mill House, Cobden Road, Leeds, LS12 5HQ 0113 2311561

Johnnie Johnson Housing Trust Ltd

Leconfield House, 1 Cow Pasture Road, Ilkley, LS29 8SW 01943 601744

Marsden Memorial Homes

, Pudsey, LS28 5BQ 01274 381606

Latch Ltd

176 Chapeltown Road, Leeds, LS7 4HP 0113 2374482

William Sutton Trust

14 Sutton Approach, Leeds, LS14 6AH 0113 2484089

Sheltered Housing

Harrar Lane, Leeds, LS16 7JW 0113 2670666

Cockkroft House

118 Cardigan Road, Leeds, LS6 3BJ 0113 2759239

Headrow Housing Group

Ingots Building, Cemetery Road, Leeds, LS19 7UP 0113 2504337

Whingate Court

Wardens Flat 1, Whingate, Leeds, LS12 3XH 0113 2797582

Housing 21

Lane Fox Court, Leeds, LS19 7YX 0113 2505542

Abbeyfield Menston Society

4 Newfield Drive, Ilkley, LS29 6JQ 01943 870520

Hanover House

Harper Lane, Leeds, LS19 7NE 0113 2505748

Abbeyfield Ilkley Society

Abbeyfield Grove House, 12 Riddings Road, Ilkley, LS29 9BF 01943 886000

Orchard Court

St Chads Road, Leeds, LS16 5QS 0113 2302750

Yorkshire Ladies Council Hostel

Forrest Hill, 11 Park CR, Leeds, LS8 1DH 0113 2667247