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Plymouth Local Information: 10 top things to know... more

  • 1. History of Plymouth

    Plymouth’s history dates back to the Bronze Age, when people first began to settle in the area. The settlement area grew and was an important trading post for the Roman Empire. In 1620, the Pilgrim Fathers set sail to America on the Mayflower from Plymouth. During the English Civil War, Plymouth was besieged for almost four years by the Royalists as they had sided with the Pa...Read morerliamentarians. Plymouth had an important role as a major shipping port throughout the Industrial revolution, and the neighbouring town of Devonport became an important shipbuilding and dockyard town for the Royal Navy. Plymouth’s naval importance made it a prime target during the Second World War, when the city centre was badly damaged in the ‘Plymouth Blitz’.. Read less

  • 2. Now in Plymouth

    Plymouth has a lot to offer visitors. It has been an essential city in the maritime history of Britain, but now it is also a centre for culture and a busy city throughout the year.

  • 3. Events in Plymouth

    The events in Plymouth include the British Firework Championships, which annually attracts thousands of attendees. Plymouth’s maritime history means that there are a host events involving the water, including The Port Of Plymouth Regatta.

  • 4. Attractions in Plymouth

    The Pannier Market was completed in 1959, and is a must see Grade II listed building in the city. Union Street is in the heart of Plymouth’s historical centre and was known as the servicemen’s playground.

  • 5. Things To Do in Plymouth

    The Devonport Heritage Trail has over 70 waymakers marking the route, and traces the naval history of the town. There are a host of amazing restaurants in Plymouth to try, and it has become a culinary centre of the South West.

  • 6. Business in Plymouth

    Plymouth’s coastal location lends the city to maritime and nautical industries. The Navy has estimated that the Plymouth Dockyard generates around 10% of the city’s income. The Plymouth Gin Distillery has been making and importing gin since 1973, and is still an important business in the area.

  • 7. Transport in Plymouth

    Not only are their rail and road links in the Plymouth area, there are also several boat services. There is a regular ferry service to France and Spain and the passenger ferry that goes to the Cornish hamlet of Cremyll has been operated since 1204.

  • 8. Entertainment in Plymouth

    There are two main theatres in Plymouth, the Theatre Royal and its Drum Theatre. The Plymouth Pavillions are used to stage concert, stand-up comedy and even basketball matches.

  • 9. Famous Landmarks in Plymouth

    Plymouth’s most famous landmarks are its dock and waterfront at Sutton Harbour. Smeaton’s Tower is a lighthouse that was originally built in 1759 and stands at 72 foot tall; it can be seen from around the city.

  • 10. Interesting Facts about Plymouth

    The first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe, Sir Francis Drake, was born in Tavistock near Plymouth and was the mayor of Plymouth. He was known to the Spanish as ‘El Draco’ (the dragon) after he raided many Spanish ships.


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