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Housing Association in Wimbledon, London

If you don´t know where to turn for your next accommodation or want some help with moving into property you´ll need to speak to the housing associations in Wimbledon. Offering accommodation for a range of people including the over 55s and those on benefits, housing associations can offer a great deal of information too. Use the Cityvisitor guide to Wimbledon to find the most suitable housing associations offering Accommodation, Landlords, Social Housing, Social Services, Trusts. Use this guide to Housing Association in Wimbledon to find the information you need about Housing Association. The Cityvisitor directory for Wimbledon is here to help you find every essential.

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Anchor Trust

Old School Close, London, SW19 3HY 020 85428998

Paganmark Ltd

25c Marryat Road, London, SW19 5BB 020 88797137

Retirement Lease Housing Association

Andridge Court, Kingston Road, London, SW19 3NX 020 85438043

Wilberforce Housing Association Thornton Lodge

Thornton Lodge, 24-26 Thornton Hill, London, SW19 4HS 020 89464584

Anchor Trust

28 Denmark Avenue, London, SW19 4HQ 020 89464274

Abbeyfield Society

2 Lancaster Avenue, London, SW19 5DE 020 89460369

Grenfell Housing Association

16-20 Kingston Road, London, SW19 1JZ 020 85452588

Shaftesbury Housing Association

Trellis House, 1 Mill Road, London, SW19 2NE 020 85436680

St Pancras & Humanist Association

Blackham House, 2a Raymond Road, London, SW19 4AT 020 89468377

Ekaya Housing Association Ltd

Subira Hostel, 42 Ansel Road, London, SW17 7LS 020 86824401

Peabody Trust

N Block Peabody Avenue, London, SW1V 4AU 020 78345985

Astor Court

Warden Office Astor Court, Maynard Close, London, SW6 2EW 020 77361253

Freeman Court Special Sheltered Housing

Freeman Court, Stanford Road, London, SW16 4QR 020 86793587

Abbeyfield Chelsea & Fulham Society Ltd

9 Coniger Road, London, SW6 3TB 020 73528632

Look Ahead Housing & Care

Victoria Hostel, 41 Castle Lane, London, SW1E 6DW 020 78289137

Walsingham Lodge

29 Ferry Road, London, SW13 9PS 020 87418148

Anchor Trust

Norton House, 10 Arneway Street, London, SW1P 2BG 020 79767681

Cowley Estate Management Board Ltd

147 Brixton Road, London, SW9 6LZ 020 79260690

Sheltered Unit

31 Langholm Close, London, SW12 0BD 020 86715786

Anchor Trust

Mantle Court, Mapleton Road, London, SW18 4AU 020 88707667

Barclay Road Sheltered Housing

Granville House, Barclay Road, London, SW6 1EZ 020 77312769

Abbeyfield London Polish Society Ltd

104 Balham Park Road, London, SW12 8EA 020 89932462

Tooting Bec Housing Co-Operative Ltd

151 Trinity Road, London, SW17 7HJ 020 86820010

Metropolitan Housing Trust Ltd

Lingham Court, Clapham Street, London, SW9 9HS 020 77375577

Viridian Housing

Church Manor Estate Office Ashton House, Chryssell Road, London, SW9 6NE 020 77354464

Carey Gardens Co-Operative Ltd

296 Carey Gardens, London, SW8 4HW 020 74983664

The Billings Conservation Area Residents Association Ltd

3 Billing Road, London, SW10 9UJ 020 73730351

Churchill Gardens Tenants Association

Churchill Hall, Churchill Gardens, London, SW1V 3AL 020 78340983

Parkhill Housing Co-Operative

13 Allard Gardens, London, SW4 9QA 020 76224295

Equinox Womens Service

15 Rydal Road, London, SW16 1QF 020 86960148

Lambeth Self Help Housing Association

The Bon Marche Centre, 241 Ferndale Road, London, SW9 8BJ 020 72748848

Chase Services Ltd

37 The Chase, London, SW4 0NP 020 79782791

Anchor Trust

Henry Twining Court, Crescent Lane, London, SW4 9RP 020 76226470

Goulden House Co-Operative

Bullen Street, London, SW11 3HF 020 79245213

Peabody Trust

219 Eversleigh Road, London, SW11 5UY 020 70214730

Meadowbank Close Sheltered Housing

1 Stevenage Road, London, SW6 6NW 020 73853493

Tony Bird Housing Consultant

26 Breer Street, London, SW6 3HD 020 77314406

Ekaya Housing Association Ltd

32 Gauden Road, London, SW4 6LT 020 76274005

Battersea Tennants Co-Operative

155 Battersea Rise, London, SW11 1HP 020 82653269

Coventry Hall

Polworth Road, London, SW16 2EE 020 86771697

Raglan Housing Association Ltd

Raglan Court, 33 Gresham Road, London, SW9 7LX 020 77337344

Family Housing Association

Station Court Rocket House, Townmead Road, London, SW6 2AU 020 77513120

Anchor Trust

Bernard Sunley House, 21 South Island Place, London, SW9 0DY 020 75823184

Peabody Trust

261 Wellington Buildings, Ebury Bridge Road, London, SW1W 8RZ 020 77303399

Wandle Housing Association

Beemans Row, Garratt Lane, London, SW18 4SR 020 89449028

Southward Housing Co-Operative

3a Lydden Grove, London, SW18 4LJ 020 88713578

Abbeyfield Streatham Society Ltd

28 Conyers Road, London, SW16 6LT 020 86776255

Ability Housing Association

152-154 Worple Road, London, SW20 8QA 020 89479575

Guinness Trust

Caple House Guinness Buildings, Kings Road, London, SW10 0TT 020 73526559

Inkerman House

14-18 Nevern Road, London, SW5 9PH 020 73700907