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Funeral Directors in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

It´s not something we like to contemplate, but the death of a loved one can be a very tough time for their nearest and dearest, particularly if you´re the one who has to arrange the funeral. If you find yourself in this position and live in Stoke-on-Trent you´ll need to have the most professional organisations around you to make sure that everything goes and smoothly as possible. Use the Cityvisitor directory to Stoke-on-Trent to find funeral directors with years of experience who can offer a strong and support shoulder at a time of need. Here you´ll find Cemetries, Cremation, Funeral Flowers, Funerals, Headstones. Find all the information about Funeral Directors you need to guide you on these Stoke-on-Trent pages as Cityvisitor connects you direct to Stoke-on-Trent businesses.

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Leese Harold H

St Peters Close, Stoke on trent, ST4 1LP 01782 744433

J P Keates & Son

37 Bank Street, Stoke on trent, ST10 1NR 01538 752164

William Emery & Son

The Laurels, 13 County Road, Stafford, ST16 2PU 01785 251205

Hopkinson Wootton Lovatt

15 Chetwynd Street, Newcastle, ST5 0EQ 01782 715152

Tudor Davies Funeral Services

142 Waterloo Road, Stoke on trent, ST6 3HB 01782 811411

Williamson Bros Ltd

Birch House, Birches Head Road, Stoke on trent, ST1 6LH 01782 212880

Price & Stubbs

Mill Street, Stone, ST15 8BA 01785 812556

Sigley Samuel Sons Funrl Dirs

Lyndhurst House, Queen Street, Leek, ST13 6LS 01538 382048

Forrester Bros

The Funeral Home, 56 Trentham Road, Stoke on trent, ST3 4DJ 01782 313874

Non-Religious Humanist Funerals

7 Sandon Avenue, Newcastle, ST5 3QB 01782 662693

David N Smith Funeral Director

Fountain House 17-21, Fountain Street, Leek, ST13 6JS 01298 77703

W R Bettelley Ltd

315 Uttoxeter Road, Stoke on trent, ST3 5LQ 01782 313542

C Edwards & Son Funeral Services Ltd

155 High Street, Stoke on trent, ST7 1QQ 01782 782842

Co-op Funeral Care

19-21 Sandon Road, Stoke on trent, ST3 7DJ 01782 315238

Dolven Funeral Services Ltd

1 Nashe Drive, Stoke on trent, ST3 2HD 01782 599156

Joseph Edwards & Sons

3 King Street, Stoke on trent, ST7 1HW 01782 775333

W M Emery & Son

13 County Road, Stafford, ST16 2PU 01785 251205

J Haynes

Haynes Funeral Directors, Stafford, ST21 6JB 01785 850572

Arlington Funeral Services Ltd

Ford Green Road, Stoke on trent, ST6 1NX 01782 818888

R Nicholls

Bank House, 87 Rising Brook, Stafford, ST17 9DH 01785 253683

Harry Dawson Ltd

105 Upper Normacot Road, Stoke on trent, ST3 4QG 01782 313428

Co-Operative Funeral Services Uttoxeter

34 High Street, Uttoxeter, ST14 7HT 01889 565561

Joseph Lymer & Son

Bucknall Road, Stoke on trent, ST1 6AH 01782 202270

John Garside & Son

2 Cross Street, Stoke on trent, ST8 6BD 01782 513210

Jack Dawson Funeral Services

90 Trentham Road, Stoke on trent, ST3 4DY 01782 315437

H Dale

176 Anchor Road, Stoke on trent, ST3 5EF 01782 313866

C Mcgough & Son Ltd

79 Roundwell Street, Stoke on trent, ST6 5AW 01782 834300

David H Smith

Fountain House, 17-21 Fountain Street, Leek, ST13 6JS 01538 399661

Regency Funeral Services

90 Trentham Road, Stoke on trent, ST3 4DY 01782 314689

A Walker & Sons

Mayfair House, North Drive, Stafford, ST20 0BT 01785 822261

Wilson's Funeral Directors

48 Cinderhill Lane, Stoke on trent, ST7 3HR 01782 785937

A Slater & Sons

66a High Street, Uttoxeter, ST14 7JD 01889 564086

Regency Funeral Service

2 Victoria Street, Newcastle, ST5 7EW 01782 564564

Cycle Of Life Environmental Funerals

24 High Street, Newcastle, ST5 0JB 01782 636338

Co-op Funeral Care

Stone Cross, Stafford, ST19 5AS 01785 712245

A J Sellman Ltd

St Michaels Square, Stafford, ST19 5AL 01785 715840