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Shrewsbury Local Information: 10 top things to know... more

  • 1. History

    Shrewsbury is a historic market town that still has a largely unaltered medieval street plan. Many of the street names haven’t been changed over the centuries and can be quite unusual. For example, there are streets in Shrewsbury called Longden Coleham, Grope Lane and Shoplatch. There are 660 listed buildings in the town and several examples of 15th and 16th century timber f...Read moreramed buildings. Because of the town’s proximity to Wales, Shrewsbury has been the location of several battles including the 1403 Battle of Shrewsbury between Henry IV and Henry Hotspur Percy. After the formation of the Church of England in 1534, it is believed that King Henry VIII wanted Shrewsbury to become a cathedral city for the church, but the town’s citizens declined the offer. Read less

  • 2. Now

    Shrewsbury is the county town of Shropshire and lies 9 miles east of the Welsh border. It serves as the cultural and commercial centre for a large area of mid Wales and Shropshire. The town embraces its medieval heritage and still retains a great deal of architecture from the historical period.

  • 3. Events

    The Shrewsbury Flower Show is one of the oldest and biggest horticultural events in Britain and is held in a large number of marquees in the 29-acre Quarry. The Shropshire County Show is held every May and puts a spotlight on agriculture in the area. Other events in the Shrewsbury area include the Shrewsbury Folk Festival, Shrewsbury International Street Theatre Festival and Sh...Read morerewsbury Green Fair. Read less

  • 4. Attractions

    Shrewsbury Castle and Shrewsbury Abbey are two must-see attractions in the town. Shrewsbury Castle was built in 1074 and is a red sandstone castle fortification whilst Shrewsbury Abbey is a Benedictine monastery that was founded in 1083. Both were founded by Roger de Montgomery, the Norman Earl of Shrewsbury.

  • 5. Things To Do

    The narrow streets and passages in the Medieval Shrewsbury town centre must be explored. There are many specialist shops, traditional pubs and local restaurants that can be found in the hidden corners of the Shrewsbury streets.

  • 6. Business

    Shrewsbury is an important retail centre for people in the West Midlands and mid Wales. There are four shopping centres that provide significant employment to people in the local area. Two expanding business parks in Shrewsbury are the Battlefield Enterprise Park and Shrewsbury Business Park.

  • 7. Transport

    Shrewsbury is known as the ‘Gateway to Wales’ and Shrewsbury rail station has five lines that connect the town to other parts of Shropshire, Wales and the rest of the country.

  • 8. Entertainment

    Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury offers plays, stand-up performances, musicals and exhibitions throughout the year. There are also bars, clubs and cinemas in the town that are sure to keep you entertained.

  • 9. Famous Landmarks

    Ditherington Flax Mill is commonly referred to as ‘the grandfather of the skyscraper’. It is the world’s first iron framed building and is Grade I listed.

  • 10. Interesting Fact

    One of the most famous scientists in the world, Charles Darwin, was born and educated in Shrewsbury. The biologist and evolutionary thinker was born in 1809 at The Mount House and went to school at Shrewsbury School.


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