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Vets in Plumstead, London

Make sure you know the correct way to care for your animals by taking a look at local vets in Plumstead. Vets can offer a choice of services and guidance, from clipping and grooming distressed animals to calming down nervous dogs, there´s nothing a vet can´t do to help your beloved pet. Use the Cityvisitor guide to Plumstead to uncover vets in your area offering Animals, Pet Care, Pet Health, Vet, Veterinary Surgeons. Don't trawl the Plumstead high streets to find a name in Vets to trust, use this essential guide to Vets in Plumstead to help you find what you need.

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Roderick Henney Surgery

171 Powis Street, London, SE18 6JL 020 88559977

Aspen Veterinary Surgery

139 Woolwich Road, London, SE2 0DW 020 83115990

Paxton Veterinary Clinics LLP

231 Gipsy Road, London, SE27 9QY 020 86701772

Brockwell Veterinary Surgery

228 Railton Road, London, SE24 0JT 020 77372526

Greek Animal Welfare Fund

51 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1NB 020 73578500

Mayow Road Veterinary Surgery

48 Mayow Road, London, SE26 4JA 020 86594496

Companion Care

Peninsular Park Road, London, SE7 7TZ 020 82691440

The Animal Clinic

154a Shooters Hill Road, London, SE3 8RP 020 83193033

Parish Lane Veterinary Surgery

1 Parish Lane, London, SE20 7LH 020 87787789

Pdsa Pet Aid Hospital

1c Eynsham Drive, London, SE2 9RX 020 83116695

Berefford Capps

159-161 Lee High Road, London, SE13 5PF 020 83181020

Passey Place Veterinary Surgery

24 Passey Place, London, SE9 5DQ 020 88503206

Andrew Kirby Veterinary Surgery

79 Grange Road, London, SE1 3BW 020 72322637

Barrier Animal Care Clinic

32 Hardens Manorway, London, SE7 8LP 020 82936580

Goddard Veterinary Group

351 Kennington Road, London, SE11 4QE 020 77356541

Surrey Quays Veterinary Clinic

156 Lower Road, London, SE16 2UG 020 72371881

Celia Hammond Animal Trust

233-235 Lewisham Way, London, SE4 1UY 020 86912100

Goddard Veterinary Group

8a Joyce Dawson Way, London, SE28 8RA 020 83115407

Norwood Road Veterinary Surgery

10 Norwood Road, London, SE24 9BH 020 86713421

Blackheaths Veterinary Surgery

105 Humber Road, London, SE3 7LW 020 88585151

Burnt Ash Veterinary Clinic

146 Burnt Ash Hill, London, SE12 0HU 020 88576888

Lordship Lane Vets

509 Lordship Lane, London, SE22 8JY 020 86934677

R S P C A Camberwell Clinic

1 Camberwell Station Road, London, SE5 9JJ 03001 230713


32 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7RG 020 79283992

Condom Warehouse

22 Loder Street, London, SE15 2LF 07809 223741

Pdsa Pet Aid Hospital

6 Amersham Vale, London, SE14 6LD 020 86910577

P D S A People's Dispensary For Sick Animals New Cross Veterinary

6 Amersham Vale, Veterinary Centre, London, SE14 6LD 020 86910577

John Hankinson Veterinary Clinic Ltd

9 Shardeloes Road, London, SE14 6NZ 020 86923030


15a Greenwich South Street, London, SE10 8NW 020 88530461

Metro Inspection Services Ltd

79-80 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8HA 020 79603939

A J M Robson

35 Highshore Road, London, SE15 5AF 020 77016452

Paxton Veterinary Clinics LLP

30 Clifton Road, London, SE25 6NJ 020 86533355

Allpets Catford Veterinary Surgery

10 Bromley Road, London, SE6 2TP 020 86903638