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Bakers in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

There´s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread to get the senses stirring. If you´re in need of a warm and crispy loaf in Newcastle upon Tyne or simply want to enjoy a quick cream cake and a coffee with friends you´ll find a wide selection of bakeries in Newcastle upon Tyne. Offering home-made food to the discerning customer as well as hearty sandwiches and essential sausage rolls and pies, you´ll find a great selection of bakeries using the Cityvisitor online guide to bakeries in Newcastle upon Tyne where you´ll also find Baker, Bakery, Baking, Bread, Cakes. Don't trawl the Newcastle upon Tyne high streets to find a name in Bakers to trust, use this essential guide to Bakers in Newcastle upon Tyne to help you find what you need.

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Greggs plc

Unit 12-14, Grainger Market, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 5QG 0191 2320852

Millies Cookies Ltd

14a Monument Mall, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 7AL 0191 2610792

Greggs plc

Three Indian Kings House, 31 Quayside, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 3DE 0191 2302454

Millies Cookies Ltd

24 Blackettbridge, Eldon Square, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 7XJ 0191 2305636

Greggs plc

3 St Marys Place, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 7PG 0191 2323370

Greggs plc

34 Northumberland Street, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 7DE 0191 2619720

Bakers Oven

42 Neville Street, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 5DF 0191 2329620

Greggs plc

44b Blackett Street, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 7UG 0191 2220658

Greggs plc

Haymarket Business Station, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 7PF 0191 2612268

Greggs plc

11 Clayton Street, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 5PN 0191 2212272

Greggs plc

77 Grainger Street, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 5JF 0191 2303926

Greggs plc

Unit 8 St Georges Way, Eldon Square, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 7JD 0191 2332854


Unit 13 Low Friar House, Low Friar Street, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 5UE 0191 2210229


95 Grey Street, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 6EG 0191 2323536

Peter Cathedral Bakers Ltd

43 Bedford Street, North shields, NE29 6QA 0191 2965302

Greggs plc

Newcastle International Airpor, Newcastle upon tyne, NE13 8BZ 0191 2144148


271 Welbeck Road, Newcastle upon tyne, NE6 2QX 0191 2655522

Marshall's The Bakers

The Valley Shopping Village, Gateshead, NE11 0EN 0191 4875476

Newbeggin By The Sea Bakery

108-110 Front Street, Newbiggin by the sea, NE64 6AA 01670 817553

Greggs plc

10 The Parade, Wallsend, NE28 9RW 0191 2625224

Greggs plc

4 Bedford Way, North shields, NE29 6RX 0191 2596394

A Truly Scrumptious Cake

24 Kingston Close, Whitley bay, NE26 1JW 0191 2510653

Gina's Bakery

8a Beaconsfield Road, Gateshead, NE9 5EU 0191 4875463

Sweet 'N' Savoury

152 Milburn Road, Ashington, NE63 0PQ 01670 520301

Winlaton Village Bakery

16 The Garth, Front Street, Blaydon on tyne, NE21 6DD 0191 4144839

Greggs plc

22 The Galleries, Washington Centre, Washington, NE38 7SA 0191 4165310

Lunch Ltd

11b Front Street, Whitley bay, NE25 8AN 0191 2520970

Home Bakery

3 Woodlands, Front Street, Newcastle upon tyne, NE16 6LX 01207 270302

Canatrice Ltd

9 St Georges Road, North shields, NE30 3JX 0191 2972117

Greggs plc

1 Gibside Way, Gateshead, NE11 9YA 0191 4609071

Cake Cake Cakes

35 Dearham Grove, Cramlington, NE23 3FR 01670 731688

Original Bakehouse Ltd

16-17 St Marys Green, Newcastle upon tyne, NE16 4DN 0191 4200592

North East Bakery

4 Dean Terrace, Ryton, NE40 3HQ 0191 4137326

Lauren Daniel

25a Bowes Street, Blyth, NE24 1BD 01670 540610

Cottage Home Bakery

96-100 Kells Lane, Gateshead, NE9 5HX 0191 4824753

Three Cooks

1 Coomassie Road, Blyth, NE24 2LA 01670 367227

Greggs plc

117 King Street, South shields, NE33 1DP 0191 4564634

Proctors Bakery & Butchers

36 Fenham Hall Drive, Newcastle upon tyne, NE4 9UU 0191 2745310

North East Bakery

36 Main Street, Ryton, NE40 4NB 0191 4135729

North East Bakery

Newburn Industrial Estate, Shelley Road, Newcastle upon tyne, NE15 9RT 0191 2672312

Greggs plc

41 Fore Street, Hexham, NE46 1LU 01434 600028

Greggs plc

1 Raby Street, Newcastle upon tyne, NE6 2FA 0191 2760225

North East Bakery

8 Railway Street, North shields, NE29 6QD 0191 2963854

Peters Cathedral Bakers Ltd

39a Fore Street, Hexham, NE46 1LU 01434 609822

Ne One For Cake

40 Burn Terrace, Wallsend, NE28 7BJ 07971 921986

Greggs plc

Arndale House, Victoria Road, Washington, NE37 2SW 0191 4162429

J Donkin Bakers Ltd

Bus Station Woodhorn Road, Ashington, NE63 9AA 01670 813010

Davidson Of Darras Hall

11 Broadway, Newcastle upon tyne, NE20 9PW 01661 821698

Glenton's Bakery

Unit 1, Waterside Court, Ashington, NE63 0YG 01670 818062

Greggs plc

4 Frederick Street, South shields, NE33 5EA 0191 4544300