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Garages in Kidsgrove, Staffordshire

If the worst happens and your car breaks down it´s good to know that there´s plenty of professionals in Kidsgrove who can help you with car or van repairs to get you back on track. Use the Cityvisitor web directory of garages in Kidsgrove to find everything from the best places to replace your tyres to companies who will help you through your car MOT. Here you´ll also find Car Body Repair, Car Repair, Engine Diagnostics, Car Scratch Repair, Van or Fleet Servicing & Maintenance. Let the Kidsgrove Cityvisitor directory for Garages point you in the right direction for Garages and MOT Stations in Kidsgrove and help you to find the best Kidsgrove businesses to suit your needs. Whatever Kidsgrove establishment you're looking for, let Cityvisitor be your Garages guide.

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K D Motors

21 Church Street, Stoke on trent, ST7 4PF 01782 515099

Caldy Motor Engineers

Station Garage, 17 Audley Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 2QL 01270 874875

D M Factors Ltd

Newtown, Stoke on trent, ST7 4PZ 01782 775445

X L Moto

4 Briarswood, Stoke on trent, ST7 4XA 01782 786134

A Banks

86c Crewe Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 2JA 01270 882224

R Malbon

King Street, Stoke on trent, ST7 1HW 01782 772389

Tbe Motors Ltd

Congleton Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 1LW 01782 784466

Quarry Service Station

101 Nantwich Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 8DL 01782 722452

Moss House Garage

Moss House Farm, Eardley End Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 8NB 01782 720946

Miles Green Garage

Heathcote Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 8LL 01782 720333

T B E Motor Services Ltd

35 Lawton Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 2AA 01270 882146

Scragg R Motor Engineer

Unit 4 Hardingswood Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 1EF 01782 784460

Lawton Hall Garage

Unit 4 Limekiln Lane, Stoke on trent, ST7 3AG 01782 783800

Sandyford Garage Ltd

High Street, Stoke on trent, ST7 4PR 01782 777676

H M C Fleet Maintenance Centre

Street Lane, Stoke on trent, ST7 3SN 01270 874465

D C Recovery & Repairs

55 Chapel Street, Stoke on trent, ST7 4NS 01782 511461

Timmis Garage Services

31 Mow Cop Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 4LZ 01782 518781

Lawton Service Station

Knutsford Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 3DN 01270 882140

Rob's Autos

Unit 2 Hardingswood Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 1EF 01782 776348


Rye Hills, Stoke on trent, ST7 8LP 01782 723034

Talke Motors

Jamage Industrial Estate, Stoke on trent, ST7 1XW 01782 775373

Malbon Ray Vehicle Repairs

King Street, Stoke on trent, ST7 1HW 01782 772389

E & M Commercial Repairs

32a Liverpool Road East, Stoke on trent, ST7 3AB 01782 784499

P F Auto's Redbull Garage

Liverpool Road East, Stoke on trent, ST7 3AF 01782 782604

Meadows Road Garage Ltd

Meadow Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 1BT 01782 782049

High Lane Autos

Thomas Street, Stoke on trent, ST7 4SS 01782 774063

Dennis Gannon Mobile Mechanics

38 Halls Road, Stoke on trent, ST7 3NS 01782 510499

Neil Gibson Motors

7 High Street, Stoke on trent, ST7 4JS 01782 512969

Millennium Motors

Lovatt Street, Stoke on trent, ST4 7RL 01782 744253

K S Auto Repair

108 Marston Road, Stafford, ST16 3BY 01785 607300

City Auto Repairs

Church Walk, Newcastle, ST5 7PQ 01782 561200

John Sewell Garages

9 Brookside Business Park, Brookside Road, Uttoxeter, ST14 8AU 01889 562029

Service UK

280 Waterloo Road, Stoke on trent, ST6 3HL 01782 289002

Autobox Archway Garage

Archway Garage, 103-107 Uttoxeter Road, Stoke on trent, ST3 1PF 01782 313492

M Askey

Ripon Avenue, Newcastle, ST5 7DZ 01782 562277


3a Railway Street, Stoke on trent, ST6 6AG 01782 821222

N G Autos

Sutherland Street, Stoke on trent, ST4 4HS 01782 869966

Park Lane Vehicle Repair Specialists

Park Lane, Stoke on trent, ST4 3JP 01782 598600

L M Autos

555 High Street, Stoke on trent, ST6 5PB 01782 818767

C R Mitcheson

Ford Green Road, Stoke on trent, ST6 1PG 01782 834014

Neil Cliffe

Bridgewood Street, Stoke on trent, ST3 1HW 01782 332383

Auto Body Repair Centre

612 Leek Road, Stoke on trent, ST1 3NQ 01782 279475

The Clutchman

Unit 4 Far Green Industrial Estate Chell Street, Stoke on trent, ST1 6AZ 01782 286587

J W Johnson

4 Brunswick Place, Stoke on trent, ST1 3DD 01782 260084

A Hissey & Son Ltd

Turbine Garage, Stone Road, Stoke on trent, ST4 8NJ 01782 657145

Tema Motor Services

Clinton Square, Lindsay Street, Stoke on trent, ST1 4EP 01782 205585

Kennerleys Cauldon Garage Car Servicing Repairs

Cauldon Road, Stoke on trent, ST4 2DY 01782 844335

A A Silencers

Grosvenor Garage, Tean Road, Stoke on trent, ST10 1LQ 01538 753252


Stonewall Industrial Estate, Stonewall Place, Newcastle, ST5 6NR 01782 617200

Crossways Garage

Stallington Road, Stoke on trent, ST11 9PN 01782 395982