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Enfield Local Information: 10 top things to know... more

  • 1. History

    Enfield was a small market town in Middlesex until the growth of London saw it become the most northerly London borough. Enfield was once the hub for armaments manufacture and until 1957 every British soldier was issued a Lee-Enfield .303 rifle. The Bren and Sten machine guns were also manufactured in Enfield.

  • 2. Now

    Enfield is a popular commuter town for people working in London. It offers fast transport links to the capital but is also a thriving place to live and work. It is one of London’s largest boroughs, yet two thirds of Enfield is designated green belt land. Enfield offers all of the amenities that you would need from a town mixed with many country and urban parks, fields and far...Read moremlands. Read less

  • 3. Events

    Enfield is home to a host of events throughout the year including the Enfield Fake Festival, Enfield Autumn Show, Enfield Gospel Festival and the Enfield Pageant of Motoring. One of the most popular events in the town has to be the Edmonton Cultural Festival and Carnival where all of the Enfield community come together to celebrate with a lively carnival and a host of performan...Read moreces. Read less

  • 4. Attractions

    There are a host of things to do and places to visit in Enfield. The Enfield Museum celebrates the history of the town and recognises the diversity of the area. There are 900 hectares of parks in Enfield and over 400 listed buildings, as well as seven shopping areas.

  • 5. Things To Do

    Forty Hall and Estate was built in 1632 and is one of England’s finest houses. It is often seen as Enfield’s ‘jewel in the crown’. Enfield’s excellent transport links means that the capital is your oyster and you can enjoy the sights of the big city then retire to the green suburb.

  • 6. Business

    Enfield was once an important manufacturing centre for both the appliance and ammunition industries. Hotpoint’s first mass produced dishwasher was built in Enfield and the world’s first solid state circuitry colour televisions were made by Ferguson in the London borough.

  • 7. Transport

    Enfield is served by the Piccadilly Line so Central London is only a tube journey away. National Rail offers many services to places in the South East and the rest of Britain. Transport for London run the buses in the area and the M25 is easily accessible from the town.

  • 8. Entertainment

    Millifield Arts Centre and the Dugdale Centre offer a host of entertainment and events throughout the year. The shows range from musicals to comedy and dance.

  • 9. Famous Landmarks

    Forty Hall, the impressive 17th century Jacobean manor house is Enfield’s most famous and recognisable landmark.

  • 10. Interesting Fact

    Barclays Bank in Enfield was the first place in the world to have a cash machine. Reg Varney, star of On The Buses, officially opened it in 1967. There is now an English Heritage Blue plaque at the site to mark the historical event.


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