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Chemists in Chester-le-Street, County Durham

When you´re feeling the worst for wear head to your local chemist where you´ll be able to talk about your problems and pick up the right medication. Chemists are great places to treat minor ailments such as colds, coughs and muscular aches and pains, as well as offering toileteries and perfume and other essential bathroom supplies. Use the Cityvisitor directory of Chester-le-Street to find the most convenient chemist to you. Here you´ll also be able to find out more about Chemist, Dispensing, Pain Killers, Pharmacies, Prescriptions. Use this Chester-le-Street guide to find Chemists in Chester-le-Street.

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Lumley Pharmacy

13 Lombard Place, Chester le street, DH3 4QP 0191 3888547

Boots Stores Ltd

Unit 8-9, St Cuthberts Walk, Chester le street, DH3 3YQ 0191 3886262

Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd

6 Bridge End, Chester le street, DH3 3RA 0191 3882777

Middle Chare Pharmacy Ltd

Middle Chare, Chester le street, DH3 3QD 0191 3890023

Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd

9 Harras Bank, Chester le street, DH3 2PE 0191 4102198

Vantage Pharmacy

Durham Road, Chester le street, DH3 1LG 0191 4102125

Boots Stores Ltd

2-5 Market Place, Durham, DH1 3NB 0191 3842213

Boots Stores Ltd

Station Yard, Consett, DH8 5YA 01207 502535

Boots Stores Ltd

Unit B, Arnison Retail Centre, Durham, DH1 5GB 0191 3869618

Centre Chem

16b Front Street, Chester le street, DH2 1DD 0191 3700351

Leaks Chemist

6 Blue House Buildings, High Street, Durham, DH1 1AR 0191 3847708

Boots Stores Ltd

Chester Road, Houghton le spring, DH4 4RB 0191 3852380

M Whitfield Ltd

34 Sunderland Road, Durham, DH1 2LG 0191 3842172

Boots Stores Ltd

The Derwent Centre, Consett, DH8 5QW 01207 502365

Co-op Pharmacy

40 Front Street, Durham, DH7 9SA 0191 3731216

Alliance Pharmacy Ltd

Chester Road, Houghton le spring, DH4 4RB 0191 3852380

Frank Jones Chemists Ltd

Kepier Pharmacy Leyburn Grove, Houghton le spring, DH4 5EQ 0191 5842291

G Whitfield

38 Gill CR North, Houghton le spring, DH4 6AW 0191 3852233

Vantage Pharmacy

3 West Road, Stanley, DH9 7XA 01207 234392

John Low Ltd

Consett Park Terrace, Consett, DH8 8ET 01207 502485

D Hope

2 Newbottle Street, Houghton le spring, DH4 4AN 0191 5843437

G Whitfield Ltd

Francis Way, Houghton le spring, DH5 9EQ 0191 5173458

R Whitfield Ltd

93 High Street, Houghton le spring, DH5 0JR 0191 5263261

Dixon & Hall Ltd

79 Front Street, Stanley, DH9 0TB 01207 235281

Leadgate Pharmacy

George Ewen House, Watling Street, Consett, DH8 6DP 01207 502774

Bowburn Pharmacy

2 Ash Terrace, Durham, DH6 5AS 0191 3773413

Boots Stores Ltd

53 Front Street, Stanley, DH9 0SY 01207 232353

Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd

Clifford Road, Stanley, DH9 0AB 01207 233845

Boots Stores Ltd

13 Westbourne Terrace, Houghton le spring, DH4 4QT 0191 3859424

M & M Internet Pharmacy Ltd

Sawmills Lane, Durham, DH7 8BJ 0191 3784964

Lloyds Pharmacy Ltd

Manchester House, Commercial Street, Durham, DH7 8PL 0191 3789066

Lanchester Pharmacy

15 Front Street, Durham, DH7 0LA 01207 520365

Herrington Pharmacy

Philadelphia Lane, Houghton le spring, DH4 4LE 0191 5843460

Your Local Boots

Medical Centre, Front Street, Durham, DH7 6JW 0191 3710342

W Smith Ltd

Flass Terrace, Durham, DH7 7LD 0191 3730255

Dipton Pharmacy

Lesbury House, Stanley, DH9 9AD 01207 570213

Sainsburys Pharmacy

Unit K Arnison Retail Centre, Durham, DH1 5GD 0191 3862961

M & M Pharmacy

Sawmills Lane, Durham, DH7 8NH 0191 3780033

G Whitfield Ltd

5 Front Street, Houghton le spring, DH5 9PF 0191 5263204

Dixon & Hall

6 Standerton Terrace, Stanley, DH9 6DD 01207 290630

Boots Stores Ltd

Whitehill Way, Chester le street, DH2 3DJ 0191 3889099

M Whitfield Ltd

22 Alexandra Terrace, Durham, DH6 3JW 01429 820313

Boots Stores Ltd

Front Street, Durham, DH6 2TH 0191 5262907

Shotton Pharmacy

Front Street, Durham, DH6 2LT 0191 5261426

J & L C Clark

10 Cheveley Park Shopping Centre, Durham, DH1 2AA 0191 3863683

W Smith Durham Ltd

1 Newhouse Road, Durham, DH7 9JU 0191 3734249

Ashchem Chemists Annfield Plain

3 West Road, Stanley, DH9 7XA 01207 280225

Sherburn Village Pharmacy

2 Harley Terrace, Durham, DH6 1DS 0191 3720767

Storehouse Pharmacy

The Storehouse, Houghton le spring, DH4 6SQ 0191 5847586

Leaks Chemist

29 Front Street, Durham, DH1 5EE 0191 3862193