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Guide to Sound & Vision

If you walk into almost any UK home you can almost guarantee that there will be at least one television and one CD player, if not two or three. Home entertainment in the UK is big business, not just the entertainment products like videos, DVDs and CDs but also the systems to play them on like TVs, DVD players and Hi-Fi systems.

Television is probably the most popular home entertainment option with around 80% of the UK population watching some television everyday. This could be catching up with the characters of a soap opera, getting some light relief with a sitcom or discovering something new with a documentary, but with such a diverse range of programming being produced in the UK and imported from abroad TV viewers have plenty of choice.

Standard television in the UK offers you five different stations each offering a variety of television programmes, however by the end of 2012 all households will have to switch to digital TV as the analogue TV signal will be switched off. By July 2005, 65% of the UK population were already enjoying what the new digital stations had to offer for example through satellite TV, cable television or freeview boxes. The reason so many people are turning to digital TV is because it gives viewers access to many more channels offering many more entertainment options from films to online shopping.

To make the most of all these new television stations you may want to revamp your home entertainment equipment and City Visitor can help. You could buy a new television, for example a wide screen TV in Norwich or a cheap plasma TV in Newcastle; and a recording device, for example a DVD recorder in Nottingham or a video recorder in Newquay. In addition you may need to upgrade from analogue TV to digital TV and in this directory we can help you find digital TV aerials and satellite TV in Lincoln, Liverpool, London and Lynton, in fact, wherever you are in the country.

With some digital TV packages you also get access to digital radio, so why not upgrade your hi-fi and create an integrated sound and vision system, you can buy speakers and stereo equipment from audio specialists in Milton Keynes, Durham, Doncaster, Dover and in plenty of other UK locations. Alternatively if you’re not interested in digital radio then you could use your integrated sound system to create a home cinema in which to enjoy DVDs or computer games.

Whatever your sound and vision needs, the City Visitor directory can help you.