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Guide to Public Services

Public services are an important part of local life as they help to keep your local area safe, clean and organised. But if you have a problem, or would like to make a suggestion on how a public service can be improved, do you know who to turn to?

Probably your first port of call for public services and public service information is your local council or local authority. They are in charge of community services such as housing, education, trading standards, and libraries to name just a few of their responsibilities. So if your local park is rundown or you’re looking to adopt a child then your local council is the place to contact. You can find contact details for local councils and local authorities across the UK including county councils in Bath, London and Edinburgh.

In the public services category on City Visitor you will also find places of worship, including churches, mosques, and synagogues. Even if you visit your local place of worship regularly you may need to contact them to organise an event, or ask for help in finding one of the congregation. One of the most popular reasons for getting in touch with your local place of worship is to organise a wedding or wedding reception. Different places of worship will have different rules and regulations on whether or not you can use the space, if you need to pay for it and so on, but it is worth ringing round a few in your area to find out more.

As well as the celebration of a wedding, places of worship are often necessary when someone dies. If it is someone close to you, don’t forget you do not have to organise the funeral alone as there are funeral directors in your area who can help. You’ll find funeral directors in towns and cities across the UK for example Milton Keynes, Bournemouth, Newcastle upon tyne, Aberdeen, Swansea and Skegness, so even if you need to organise a funeral outside your local area, you can find a funeral director with City Visitor.

You can use City Visitor to find the number for a whole variety of public services in your local area. If you have to report a non emergency crime, you’ll need the direct phone number of your local police station, if you need to know where to park in an unfamiliar city centre then you can find the number for car parking companies using our directory, and if you need an operation and have decided to try a Bupa hospital you can find the phone number you need here as well.