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Guide to Photography Services

Taken by French inventor Nicephore Niepce, the world's first photograph was taken in 1826, while colour photography was invented in 1861 by physicist James Clerk Maxwell. Since then photographs have become an important instrument in capturing and recording events across the world.

These days, photography makes an appearance in our lives every day, either through newspaper and magazine images, on postcards, leaflets and posters, or as television or cinematic images.

Of course, most households now have their own camera or video camera to capture images from important events in their lives, such as birthday parties, anniversaries, award ceremonies, first day at school or work, holidays, and Christmas celebrations.

The photographs you take often provide the most sacred memories that you will cherish for years to come. They also provide a lasting record of family and friends, and events you attended, that can be passed on through generations.

To ensure you get the best quality photographs to treasure, you will need a good camera, and these can be bought from camera shops across the UK, including ones in Manchester, Brighton, London, Nottingham, Manchester, Southampton, Nottingham and Wrexham. Nowadays, there is also a wide range of camera accessories available at camera shops throughout the UK, and for examples see our camera accessories in Leeds section. Or you may wish to hire professional photographers in Nuneaton, Leeds or Birmingham

In the past decade or so, digital cameras have become hugely popular consumer products, and now outsell film cameras at most camera shops. For examples see our cameras in Edinburgh page. Digital cameras have evovled very quickly and now many include hi-tech features such as video and audio recording.

However, if you want to record your child's first birthday party, your wedding day, or another special occasion then you will probably be best advised to invest in a video camera. For examples of these visit our video cameras in Milton Keynes page.

Whatever type of camera you are thinking of buying, wherever you are in the UK, City Visitor can help you find the right camera shop or camera supplier for you.