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Guide to Pet Services

People like to have pets for different reasons, some like them because they are good company, others like them because they help you to de-stress after a hard day at work, no matter what your reason for getting a pet though, you’ll soon grow to love your companion. Whether your pet of choice is a petite pooch, a purring Persian or a plucky pot bellied pig, they’ll need a lot of love and looking after, and City Visitor can help.

When your furry, feathered, or four legged friend needs food, toys or somewhere to lay their head, you’ll find several stores offering pet supplies examples on City Visitor include pet shops in Plymouth, pet shops in Maidenhead and all over the country in fact.

When it comes to pet food many people buy the pet food they need along with the rest of the weekly shop at the supermarket. Larger supermarkets may also have a limited choice of pet accessories you can choose from. However if you own a pet that’s not a cat, dog, bird, rabbit, hamster or guinea pig then it is unlikely that your local supermarket, whether it’s in Weston Super Mare or Norwich will have what you need. A better bet for all your pet supplies are the pet shops located up and down the country.

If you’re planning on going away and need temporary home for your pet then why not opt for a boarding kennel or cattery. If you do not have friends or family who can look after your pet for you then boarding kennels and catteries can provide a good home in your absence, offering not only to take care of your pet on a practical level, feeding, exercise and so on, but also care for your pet as many cattery and kennel owners are pet lovers.

Once you’ve had your pet for a while you’ll get to know them very well and can tell when they are sick or behaving strangely. If your pet is unwell then you should take him or her to the vet where a trained professional can look after them. You can find vets in Milton Keynes, Doncaster, Dudley and Dover in City Visitor as well as veterinary surgeries all over the country. However if your pet is not sick and just needs cheering up why not treat them to some pet grooming. A fur cut and a massage could be just what your pet needs to cheer them up and City Visitor can help you find grooming services (for example dog grooming in Dagenham and dog grooming in Guildford) near you.

City visitor can also help if you’ve found a stray or injured animal. You can use the directory to locate animal welfare groups and rescue centres who can hopefully help the animal, whether it’s a cat, a bird or a reptile, to get well and find its existing owner or a new home.