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Guide to Legal

These days there seems to be more need than ever for legal services in the UK. What with an increase in divorces, personal injury claims, and a rise in crime, more and more people are calling on the help of a solicitor or lawyer.

Whether you are going to an employment tribunal, getting divorced, have suffered an accident that was not your fault, are an immigrant applying for permission to live in the UK, or you are moving house, there is a lawyer who can help you.

Of course, legal services are not only provided by lawyers and solicitors, you may also need help from a private detective or you may need to register a birth, marriage or death at a registry office. For examples see our private detective in Edinburgh section.

UK laws are vast and varied, from employment law to criminal law, and traffic law to housing law, and most laws are very complex and difficult to understand. That is why it is worth seeking legal advice or employing a solicitor to help you, if you are involved in a legal dispute of any kind. For examples of how City Visitor can help you, see our legal advice in Manchester page, or our solicitors in Nuneaton, Milton Keynes or Cardiff sections.

Although solicitors and lawyers tend to charge a lot for their services, some people can apply for Legal Aid, depending on their financial circumstances, for examples see our Legal Aid in Northampton, Coventry page. Solicitors' fees differ from one law firm to another, and you can choose from self-employed lawyers, who work entirely on their own, and a large law firm, which employs a number of solicitors and legal secretaries.

Many solicitors and law firms specialise in certain areas of law, such as employment law, conveyancing, divorce, crime, immigration, personal injury, and debt recovery. It is worth seeking the advice and assistance of a specialist solicitor for issues such as these, as they tend to be very complex cases to deal with. For example divorce solicitor in Torquay or employment solicitor in Torquay

But whichever type of legal service you need, City Visitor can help you find a solicitor, lawyer or legal advisor wherever you are in the UK.