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Guide to Insurance Services

Did you hear about the actress who insured her legs for a million dollars or the ‘Lord of the Dance’ who insured his feet for $50 million? While the stars are out insuring what is important to them, you too could be protecting your most prized possessions against damage, loss or theft with insurance.

However while the rich and famous insure the body parts that helped make them famous, most non celebrities just want to insure the things that are important to them, like their car, their home and possibly even their life. And to do this all you need to do is locate the relevant insurer and then get in touch, examples include business insurance in Milton Keynes, motorcycle insurance in Monmouth and car insurance in Bridlington to name just a few.

If you’re a homeowner then you’ll probably have a number of insurance policies in place to protect you and your home. These policies include building insurance, home insurance, critical illness insurance to ensure you can pay your mortgage if you get a critical illness, and mortgage insurance so that your mortgage is paid if you end up being out of work.

Driving a vehicle will also add to the number of insurance policies you have as it is a legal requirement for drivers to have insurance for the vehicle they are driving. If you own a car then you will need car insurance, van drivers will need van insurance and bike riders will need motorcycle insurance. Each of these vehicle insurances come in three different varieties, third party only, which will only cover the cost of any damage you cause to someone else’s vehicle if the accident was deemed to be your fault, third party, fire & theft which will cover you again fire or theft of your vehicle and the third party’s damages if an accident was your fault, and fully comprehensive insurance, which covers your costs and the third party’s costs if you are responsible for an accident. Some comprehensive insurance policies also come with legal insurance, which will cover the cost of your legal expenses should you, need to go to court as a result of a car incident, and also breakdown insurance, which covers any breakdown costs you may incur.

Other popular insurance policies include travel insurance to protect against any unforeseen incidents that may occur while you are on holiday. Most policies protect you from the moment you leave for the airport until you are back home. There’s also caravan insurance for caravan owners, dental insurance and health insurance for those who want to protect against hefty medical bills and pet insurance that will help you to afford the cost of vetinary treatment for your cherished pet.

As you can see insuring the things that are important to you is easy.