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Guide to Holiday Services

From skiing breaks to beach holidays, and sporting vacations to city getaways, people in the UK venture off on many different types of holidays these days.

You can choose from sun or snow, tranquil countryside or bustling cities, and five star luxury or budget accommodation, but when planning a dream holiday most people head to a travel agent, where you can book package holidays, short breaks, UK holidays, flights or accommodation. The added advantage of booking through a travel agent is the expert advice you will receive about where you are going. For examples see our travel agents in Milton Keynes, London and Nuneaton pages.

With the current boom in airlines offering discount flights, more and more UK citizens are heading off on short breaks to European destinations such as Amsterdam, Milan, Prague, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Cork and Madrid. Whether you go for a week, weekend, or just the day, a short escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life might be just what you need. For examples see our flights in Manchester section.

Of course, organising a holiday is not simply a matter of booking the flights, accommodation or cruise. You will also need to find out what kinds of activities there are where you’re going, whether there are any special laws, such as traffic laws, that you should be aware of, and the best ways to get around the area. Whether you are staying in the UK or going abroad, you can find out all you need to know by contacting a tourist information office in your holiday city, town or resort.

If it’s just a family day out you’re planning then there are plenty of places to go in the UK, including theme parks, seaside resorts, cities and the countryside. Whatever type of holiday you are planning, City Visitor can help you to find a travel agent, tourist information office, and other holiday services, wherever you are in the UK.