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Guide to Health

Money may make the world go round but one of the most precious things you have is your health. Many people don't learn this lesson until their health is under threat or they are no longer healthy and it is at this point that you'll need the help of a health professional.

Your health relates to both your physical and mental well-being although for most people it is a decline in our physical health that happens most frequently. The adult body is made up of approximately 206 bones, 600 muscles and about 45 miles of nerves and these facts are only part of story, so whether you have questions about your body or if something is not working as it should, then help is at hand.

If your problem is minor or you're just looking for something to ease a headache then your local chemist could be an option. Although they cannot examine you and make a diagnosis, they can offer advice as to the products you may need for common problems such as colds and muscle aches. Alternatively if your problem has to do with your sexual health, a family planning clinic in Oldham, Oxford, Motherwell or somewhere near you, may be more appropriate.

When it comes to more serious issues with your health you're likely to turn to one of the main health practitioners in the UK, either your doctor, your dentist or your optician. Using City Visitor you can find opticians in Watford, Leyland, London and dentists in Glasgow, Psychologists in Edinburgh, Counselling in Uckfield and Doctors in Guildford, to name just a few examples.

To help treat back pain or muscle aches your GP may refer you to a specialist, such as an osteopath, a physiotherapist in Nuneaton, a Chiropodist in Chester le Street, Huddersfield or a chiropractor depending on your health issue. However you do not have to go via your GP to use these services as you can use our directory to contact the relevant practitioner to book an appointment, find out prices and so on.

For an alternative route to recovery you could opt for alternative medicine, which people in the UK are becoming increasingly aware. Examples of alternative therapies include osteopaths in Milton Keynes and chiropodists in Manchester, alternative medicine in Luton, Coventry,Nottingham, although alternative medicine is available around the country.