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Guide to Food & Drink

With increasing waistlines, binge drinking and GM food regularly making the headlines food and drink is a popular topic in the UK. However not everything about food and drink is bad - after all we need it to survive! We may just need to be more careful about what we consume.

For many living a health lifestyle is very important so they shun the convenience of their local supermarket to buy from places that specialise in fresh, healthy food. Places like greengrocers in Grantham, health food shops in Halifax, butchers in Buxton, fishmongers in Fulham and bakers in Blackpool, health food in Durham, Runcorn, are now regular haunts for healthy lifestyle shoppers because they feel that the quality and the freshness matches their healthy aims.

However supermarkets are now becoming more and more aware that people are wanting healthy food as well as convenience food, and are stocking the shelves accordingly. Now you can buy organic fruit and vegetables at supermarkets in Slough, free range chicken at supermarkets in Salisbury, and healthy smoothies at supermarkets in Skegness to name just a few examples.

For those who would rather have someone else have to worry about what goes into their food then restaurants in Leeds, Maldon, York, Cardiff, Loughborough, Matlock, Stow on the wold, West London, Harrogate and cafes are even more convenient than supermarkets. If you opt for a takeaway you don’t even have to leave your sofa as many takeaways deliver!

If it's a party you're planning then it's best to be organised. To reduce the stress you could hire in the caterers, you’ll find caterers in all the major cities like London, Belfast and Milton Keynes as well as some of the UK's larger towns and villages such as caterers in scarborough. If it’s an event that just requires a cake and some snacks then why not check out the local confectioners and cake makers.

That will be the food taken care of, all you then need to consider is the drink. You can buy alcohol of all kinds at the local off licences dotted around the country. Alternatively if you can plan in advance, you could buy the wine from a wine merchant.

Whatever your choice for food and drink City Visitor can help you find the shops offering exactly what you are looking for.