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Guide to Flooring Services

How you cover the floors in your home is entirely down to you, and the decision maybe made on practical or aesthetic reasons, either way you have plenty of options.

Probably one of the easiest rooms to buy flooring for is your bathroom. Not only is it the smallest room in most houses it is also the room where you have to think most practically. Bathroom flooring has to be able to cope with moisture, whether it’s splashes from the bath or steam from the hot shower, and this will have an effect on the floor you’ve chosen. Although some people do still opt for carpet the majority of house owners opt for lino because it's not too cold under bare feet and is easy to clean. There are a variety of shops that sell lino from DIY stores to specialist bathroom flooring shops that can be found in Milton Keynes, Manchester, Derby, Glasgow and other towns and cities in the UK.

When it comes to bedroom flooring many people opt for carpet. This could be high quality Axminster carpet or one of the more modern options like carpet tiles. If you're looking for quality bedroom carpet then you'll probably want to opt for a woven carpet, as this is not only durable but comfortable under foot as well.

There are many reasons for choosing carpet in your home, not only is it comfortable but it can also be: Useful in reducing noise, Great for helping to conserve energy, Versatile - as it comes in a variety of colours with a variety of properties (i.e. stain resistant) to suit your needs.

For the downstairs areas in your home, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, your options are as wide as your imagination. You could opt for slate tiles, wood flooring, vinyl flooring, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, rugs, mats or cork flooring amongst other options. If you want to see the flooring options available to you, including flooring that works best with underfloor heating then why not use City Visitor to find shops that sell flooring in Oxford, Swindon, Norwich, Maidstone, Brigg, Leeds or somewhere near you.