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Guide to Entertainment

There maybe no business like show business but entertainment comes in a variety of forms to suit the diverse range of entertainment consumers in the UK.

What may be entertainment to some may be utterly boring to others so it's good to know that there is a wide variety of entertainments offered in towns and cities across the country that will suit your age and sense of fun including entertainers in Brentford, Glasgow, Stockton on tees.

On the whole young people like to enjoy energetic entertainments, ones that don’t have them sitting round quietly for several hours, so why not take them to a bowling alley in Manchester or a cinema in Middlesbrough, or even to a nightclub in Brentford if it's near you. And if you're having a party for lots of kids then a children’s entertainer may be just the trick.

For entertainments the whole family can enjoy you could go to a family pantomime at a theatre in Plymouth, Chester, Dumbarton, Swansea or one near you. Alternatively why not try an interactive museum where you and the kids can probably learn a thing or two.

If your idea of entertainment is a lot less energetic than running around at the same speed as a seven-year-old then there are plenty of options in the UK. If you fancy a bit of a flutter then why not go racing in Sheffield or Norwich, where you can try your luck at picking a winner. Alternatively if you’d like to take a chance that doesn’t involve animals why not opt for bingo instead. Young and old alike are taking up this number lottery game and so you can find bingo halls in Luton, York, Stoke, Reading, Swindon, Milton Keynes and Yeovil to name just a few locations.

Another option if you’re looking for something entertaining to do close to home, or further afield is to check out the tourist attractions. London’s tourist attractions for example offer lots to keep both visitors and locals entertained. You may be surprised at how many Londoners haven’t seen Buckingham Palace or the Houses of Parliament because they haven’t had the time to explore their city in there leisure time. Why not use the City Visitor directory to find tourist attractions near you and start exploring!

Whether you’re a local looking for weekend pursuits or a visitor trying to find the best of what a location has to offer, City Visitor can help you find what you need.