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Guide to Employment Services

These days, employment services play a fundamental role in helping employers find the right candidate for the job, and in helping jobseekers find the right job for them.

From student summer jobs to graduate positions, and temporary or part-time blue-collar work to full-time white-collar careers, employment services in the UK can help employer and employee find exactly what they are looking for.

There are thousands of agencies across the UK, including ones in London, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Cardiff, that provide employment services for companies and individuals, and these can offer everything from general recruitment advice and job adverts to specialist training and work placement.

You can choose to find a job through a general recruitment agency, which usually offers a full range of vacancies from picking and packing to specialist IT jobs, or through a specialist employment agency, which can range from graduate agencies, for examples see our graduate jobs in Manchester page, to media recruitment agencies, and au pair agencies, for examples see our au pair agencies in Milton Keynes' page, to medical recruitment agencies and office recruitment in Harlow.

In most cases, a UK employment agency will work with a range of employers and will also have a large number of jobseekers on their books. The agency's role is to match a candidate with a vacancy, so that both the employer and employee get what they are looking for.

Many people use employment services when they want to change the direction of their career, are returning to work after a long illness or maternity/childcare leave, or have been unsuccessfully looking for a new job for some time.

UK employers are likely to use employment services to avoid the lengthy and time-consuming recruitment process, as job agencies will sort through applications and arrange interviews with prospective employees, making the entire process much easier for the employer.