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Guide to Education

A good education is one of the best starts you can get in life, even though you may not realise it at the time! This is true regardless of the career you go on to choose.

Compulsory education in the UK starts at the age of 5, the first term after your fifth birthday in fact, but many parents choose to start their children in some form of formal education from as early as three years old. The first school a child has to attend is called a primary school and from this point on they are taught according to the National Curriculum with regular tests to check that they are learning what they need to.

After primary school, some children change schools to attend a middle school at the age of eight or nine. However the main change occurs around the age of 11 when children start secondary school, or senior school as it is sometimes known. By law children have to stay in secondary school until they are 16 years old at which point they can choose to stay on to further education and university, join an apprenticeship scheme or other form of vocational learning, or go straight into work.

Using City Visitor you can find a range of schools in your area examples of the listings include schools in Milton Keynes, high schools in Blackburn, drama schools in Glasgow, nursery schools in Blackpool, private schools in Hitchen, private schools in stevenage, private schools in Letchworth, drama schools in Watford, universities in Birmingham, drama schools in Tonbridge and private tuition in Bromley.

As well as helping to find education centres for your children you can use City Visitor to find adult education centres in major cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool as well as smaller cities and towns. You may want to try a short course at your local college, work towards a degree at a nearby university or learn a new language at a language school in your area.

Whatever age you are, learning is a great way to broaden your horizons and meet new people, so start making the most of learning today!