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Online Dating in Bedlington, Northumberland

For many fun single people online dating seems to be what the internet was designed for. It´s a fast, simple and safe way to meet new friends, widen your social circle and perhaps even meet someone with whom you really get on. If you want to find out more about the services offered in Bedlington check out the Cityvisitor database which offers a selection of businesses with a range of services including Dating Personals, Love Match, Online Personals. If you're looking for the essentials in Online Dating, don't leave it to chance, let the Bedlington Cityvisitor directory hook you up with the Online Dating available in Bedlington. You're only a click away from all the answers.

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Coco Moon Ltd

Collingwood Buildings, 38 Collingwood Street, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 1JF 0191 2299625

Coco Moon

Metropolitan House, Longrigg, Newcastle upon tyne, NE16 3AS 0800 0856956

Elegant Introductions

116 Quayside, Newcastle upon tyne, NE1 3DY 08450 542731