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St Johns Dental Practice

Cosmetic Dental Practice in Birmingham City Centre.

One of Birmingham's leading city centre private dental practices. At St John's, your experience with us is of the upmost importance. Every time you contact us or visit, you will be sure to experience our five star services. We take our time to listen to you to ensure we understand your goals, and current concerns, to help you achieve not only a healthy mouth but also a happy one.

St John's dental Practice has been established in 1965. Our highly experienced team of dentists and hygienists constantly strive to provide the best treatment available using the most up to date tried and tested technology. This is provided in the most comfortable and relaxing environment.We are a happy caring team of professionals working together to achieve the goals and exceed the expectations of our patients. We go the extra mile to listen, plan and provide outstanding dentistry and we take pride in using materials sourced from reputable companies.At St John's we are a dedicated team who provide a comprehensive range of treatment, which include Aesthetics, Implants, Emergency Service and the provision of lifelong care that caters for your needs.Our mission statement is To be known by all as a great practice.

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    Initially my treatment started due to my root canal becoming infected and as a result losing the crown. The root canal and crown had been done several years ago and because of this, and where the tooth was situated, I was somewhat nervous about any sort of dental work being carried out and in part, it’s fair to say, I didn’t really look after my teeth because I was so unhappy with how they looked. Once the infection had been treated and cleared, a number of options were presented to me by Rob. I subsequently opted for: an implant (to replace the crown/root canal), new veneers (to reshape the top front row of my teeth) and teeth whitening (as they were somewhat tarnished and unhealthy looking due to my neglect). Once this had been confirmed, the treatment started straight away. Everyone at St John’s Dental Practice (and Bourneville Dental Hospital) were fantastic in helping me get through the treatment both in terms of explaining what was about to happen and next steps; taking the treatment at a gradual comfortable pace and being supportive, helping me to stay calm. With Rob’s patience and attention to detail has given me a brilliant set of teeth and a new smile to which I am really grateful. When considering this kind of treatment it’s only right to mention the cost. Whilst I was considering my options, my view was it is expensive. I couldn’t quite get my head around the cosmetic aspect of dental surgery as I previously viewed the dentist as somewhere to get fillings sorted and general “teeth health”. However looking at my teeth in a mirror and how I was treated during the whole teeth “transformation” I have to say it has been worthwhile.

    What can I say about my new hero Rob Tennet.

    I met rob for my free consultation in August 2010 after having an accident while on holiday in Italy. He gave me a thorough examination and expert opinion with a dental plan to resolve my predicament. He attempted to save the roots of my broken teeth; he was hoping to save three, however within two weeks he had removed the broken roots and provided me with false teeth, I was on my road to a full recovery. The original plan was to give me three crowns with two implants but because he could not save one of my roots which were fractured his final solution was two crowns and two implants with a bridge (three teeth). Rob and his team made me feel welcome, comfortable and at ease throughout the whole of my treatment even after the operation for the implants. They are a professional friendly team; they guided me through every stage of my treatment and kept me informed of the process throughout. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob to anyone. After numerous appointments and hours of treatment in April 2011 the final solution was in place. When I liked in the mirror and saw my teeth I could not believe my eyes they were incredible they looked great, felt great and are still great. I was elated, euphoric, cried, got out the chair and gave Rob the biggest hug possible. When my youngest son saw them he said “mum they look just like your own teeth” The treatment is not cheap but it is well worth it, they are just like my own teeth. Considering they were my front teeth, I can now eat normally again even eat apples and carrots without cutting them up. I no longer put my false teeth in soak to clean overnight. I wake up in the morning with my teeth in. I have always smiled a lot but smile even more now. Wow! What more could I want, job done. Hopefully you now know why Rob is my new hero.

    Great dentist

    Following an accident in early 2010 I was left with a lot of damage to my upper front teeth; two were knocked out and another two were left twisted. Needless to say it all looked pretty unsightly. After visiting five or six specialists for advice on how best to proceed with treatment, I had a number of different options I could go for, including various combinations fixed braces, invisalign, dentures, implants and veneers. It was not easy choosing which route to go down but in the end I decided to go with Rob’s course of treatment – a single implant with two teeth on to replace the missing teeth, and veneers on the two twisted teeth to make them appear straight again. This was, in his opinion, the most predictable course of treatment and also the quickest way to get back to having a normal smile again and I am very glad I took his advice. We had to wait a few months before fitting the implant screw in order to let the gums heal fully, so I had a temporary bridge fitted for the interim period. Given that I would need to have the temporary bridge for the best part of a year I was very glad that when I looked in the mirror after having it fitted it looked just like two natural straight teeth. A few months down the line I went back to have the implant screw fitted. I was a bit nervous before the appointment as I guess most implant patients would be, but I was made to feel at ease from start to finish during the procedure, and it was over with in about an hour or so and was not painful at all. Another six months down the line and the implant had taken well and was ready to have the new teeth fitted to it. I had the implant teeth fitted where the temporary bridge had been, and at the same time had the veneers fitted to the two twisted teeth. When I looked in the mirror afterwards I was amazed at how good they looked. My teeth we ok but not perfect before the accident, but now I would say that I have absolutely perfect front teeth and I would highly recommend Mr Tennet to anyone looking to get their smile improved, or as in my case, repaired. The whole team were great throughout the process so I would like to thank Gurjit and Amy for their help organising it too. The work was not cheap but I would urge anyone looking to get something like this done to go to a highly experienced and skilled dentist like Rob as you will have those teeth on show for the rest of your life so its important to get the best job you can done. Thanks very much for all your hard work!